Meet Our Founder: Rob Petrin

rob petrin
Rob Petrin, Founder of Petrin Development Services

I’m Rob Petrin, the founder of Petrin Development Services. I have a decade of web marketing agency experience, alongside over two decades of experience building websites. It’s fair to say that I am certifiably obsessed with the web. I founded PDS in 2023 in order to better serve my clients.

While I’m the face of PDS, I don’t operate alone. I’m backed by a talented team of graphic designers, photographers, videographers, drone operators, and social media managers, all dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Through our extensive network of partners, we expand our service offerings without compromising our commitment to impeccable project management. These collaborators bring specialized expertise and resources that complement our core strengths, ensuring that we deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.

With seamless integration of additional services, we take a unified approach to project execution, consistently surpassing client expectations. Whatever your project entails, rest assured you’re in exceptional hands when you choose Petrin Development Services.

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